I was on staff for several years at Wallpaper*, the premium lifestyle title for which the term ‘zeitgeist-defining’ was often aimed, both at fashionable parties and boardroom tables. I went on to edit and write for Winkreative and brands including Selfridges and Svenskt Tenn, M&S and American Express. I appreciate expert storytelling, beautiful pictures and words that lead to action. I have a particular fondness for quirky publications and sites, so do ask if you’d like me to execute anything along these lines. I’m also doing a PhD in music, so if you ever need a great eighteenth-century soundtrack for your story, I can probably help with that, too.

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Sub-editing was my first task at Wallpaper*, and I went on to work for titles such as Harrods Estates and Selfridges, dotting ‘i’s, crossing ‘t’s and generally developing zero tolerance for misplaced apostrophes. I learnt my craft on GQ and Tatler, and went on to sub other magazines such as Harvey Nichols. One of the highlights on Wallpaper* was an inflight-fashion story, which included the advice to always wear comfortable underwear, illustrated by a well-endowed male model, which I felt could only be captioned: 'It's bulky, but I consider it carry-on.' There was once a superb headline in The Independent about lesbian chic: 'I can't get no sapphic action.' How I wish I'd written that!


What is the use of a book, said Alice, without pictures and conversation, and I confess my feelings on magazines are much the same – lots of splendid pictures, and a conversational – indeed at times, conspiratorial – tone between the editorial team and its readership are a given. I had the pleasure of going behind the scenes to create a magazine to enhance the guest experience at this lovely hotel, where they not only make possibly the best club sandwich in the world, but they also have a pet cemetery of a very superior order: Coco Chanel’s pet dogs are buried in the grounds.


A magazine for the Montblanc Woman: jewellery, fashion, beauty, style and culture. What a lovely high-end mix! While editing a luxury magazine may not carry the gravitas of the editorship of the Evening Standard, I can assure future employers that as editor, I focus on the job at hand, and would never attempt to operate simultaneously as Chair of the Northern Powerhouse; Fellow of the McCain Institute; asset-management guru at BlackRock; and Mother of Dragons. An important point, which I feel requires clarification.